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Remotely/Hybrid | Full Time or Contract

Who are we looking for?

Let’s create great games together!🎮

Ironbird Creations is a new studio based in Cracow. We currently have 40+ people on board, and we are looking for talented individuals who would like to join us on our journey to create fast-paced, engaging, combat-focused games.

Interested? We can tell you more about it in a meeting 🙂

 Let’s talk about the details!👇

We are seeking a talented Level Artist to join our team in creating visually stunning and immersive environments for the game we are working on, Phantom Hellcat. You will work closely with the Art Department and Level Designers to ensure that the game’s environments are visually stunning and contribute to an immersive gaming experience.


  • Work with the Art Department and Level Designers to ensure that environments are both visually stunning and functionally sound
  • Create and implement lighting and post-processing effects that enhance the mood and atmosphere of the game
  • Collaborate with other members of the art team to ensure that all assets and environments are cohesive and consistent in style and quality

Our requirements:

  • At least 3 years of experience in the role
  • Expertise in Unity
  • Knowledge of level design principles and mechanics
  • Understanding of lighting and post-processing techniques and their impact on the mood and atmosphere of the game
  • Openness to participation in the creation of ideas and plans for locations / levels
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work to a high level of quality
  • Very good knowledge of optimization processes

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience working on action-adventure or similar games
  • Familiarity with shader programming languages such as HLSL or GLSL
  • Experience with creating high-quality textures and materials
  • Basic knowledge of 3D softwares is a plus
  • Experience working on action-adventure or similar games
  • Familiar with Unity and repository softwares (Github/Plastic/SVN)

Ok, nice. But what is there for you?

  • • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work – we are open to full remote candidates (from Poland). We also have office space in central Cracow if you prefer to work on-site
  • A competitive salary (Employment Contract or B2B) – let’s talk – we want to meet your expectations
  • B2B Contract with a fixed monthly rate with benefits of leaves
  • Medical Health program (Compensa MULTI Zdrowie—Złoty Pakiet (Golden Package))
  • English language course (in case you’d want to brush up on your language skills)
  • You can gain secret knowledge: release dates of our games! Enter the video game industry and play before premieres at work! Score!

Fit the requirements? Apply!

If you are a passionate and experienced Level Artist looking for an opportunity to work on a challenging and exciting project, we want to hear from you. Please submit your resume for consideration or directly to our email address: 

Please don’t forget to include the RODO clause to your resume.

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