Brand Manager

Remotely/Hybrid | Full Time or Contract

Who are we looking for?

Let’s create great games together!

Ironbird Creations is a new studio based in Cracow. We currently have 20+ people on board, and we are looking for talented individuals who would like to join us on our journey to create fast-paced, engaging, combat-focused games. 

As Brand Manager, you will, among other things, be responsible for conducting Marketing Analyses and creating detailed Marketing Roadmaps for our games – all while working alongside our Internal Development Teams to ensure the game itself is being made flawlessly, and with the best quality and standard. You will partner with the stakeholders and keep them updated on the progress of our projects. Likewise, you will also be the one to track the current marketing trends, do various research on the market, and check the competitors’ activities.

Location: Cracow / Remotely/Hybrid

Interested? Let’s talk about the details!

Some of your daily responsibilities:

  • Preparing Marketing Analysis and building Sales Forecasts for our games 
  • Creating reliable and consistent Marketing Roadmaps
  • Establishing Brand Summaries and Brand Blueprints for selected products and retaining cohesion in our Marketing Campaign
  • Administering Marketing processes in close cooperation with our Internal Departments
  • Forming and nurturing partnership with External agencies for selected products
  • Fostering relationships with developers 
  • Empowering other members of the team; staying up-to-date with their portions of our projects
  • Tracking and analyzing KPIs and ROI
  • Monitoring market trends, researching consumer markets and competitors’ activities

Personality-wise, you will likely fit the bill if you:

  • Strategize. You not only have a clear vision of all the projects you involve yourself into but you can also easily project that vision onto your environment – so that your communication with Game Publishers goes smoothly and without unnecessary obstructions;
  • Are a great problem solver. You orientate yourself towards constant development, are quick to spot, mitigate, and ideally eliminate risks ahead of the project. You are always on time with reporting the production status to stakeholders
  • Are analytical, with your brain sharp as a knife. Juggling marketing-related data is no challenge for you and you understand which decisions to make to push the project forward; you know what and how to prioritize.
  • Build solid systems and processes. You streamline processes by incorporating simplicity and predictability into your workspace. You create transparent Marketing roadmaps that can be easily adopted into production.
  • Are a team player. You know that at least half of the success for every project accomplished depends on a well-integrated team, and thus, you intuitively sense how to tune in to your comrades.

Skillset-wise, you will be our favorite candidate if you:

  • Have 3+ years of experience in gamedev
  • Have 2+ years of experience in Marketing (preferably, in a similar position) 
  • Have at least one Premium indie title on your account
  • Possess knowledge of 1st party platforms (Steam, Xbox, PS, Switch, etc.,)

Are a Polish native but can also speak convincingly in English Language

Working with us pays off because:

  • We offer you flexible working hours (core hours: 10:30-15:30)
  • You will be rewarded handsomely for your work (10 000 – 12 000 PLN gross / month on UoP or an equivalent amount on B2B) 
  • You will be eligible for our Medical Health program (Compensa MULTI Zdrowie – we can offer you Golden Package; Złoty Pakiet)
  • English Language Course (in case you’d want to brush up on your language skills)
  • Our workforce balances out sense of purpose and responsibility and child-like curiosity – we know when to remain serious and when to let our inner child out✨

Fit the requirements? Apply!

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