Phantom Hellcat

Phantom Hellcat is a dynamic slasher-platformer. Create showy combos in a theatrical setting on your way through deadly plays to save your mother from demons. Remember that in the world of props, things are not always what they appear to be.


Steam Playstation

Take the stage

A sinister secret lies inside a mysterious theater: it’s a prison for demons, guarded by a lonely overseer. When one of the seals fails, evil powers abduct their guardian to another dimension, leaving behind her rebellious daughter, Jolene.

Jolene must master her mother’s craft in no time, even though it’s a tough act to follow. She must use magic masks to traverse deadly plays and upstage a mysterious Trickster to save her family.

Break a leg

Jump into dynamic hack-and-slash combat in vibrant yet treacherous fantasy worlds mixed with a theatrical setting. Dash, slide, and push forward towards a grand finale.

No time for stage fright!

Key features:

  • Engage in intuitive combat with sharp controls—ensemble powerful combos to overcome enemies in epic fights, and make use of your surroundings as a weapon
  • Wear upgradeable masks—they will give you new abilities
  • Experience platforming from different angles—2D and 3D perspectives mix on every level
  • Navigate through various stages inspired by pop culture—explore a dark Transylvanian castle, and more
  • Find secrets of the theater—replay levels to find hidden treasures and collectibles
  • Grow stronger—use a skill tree and choose your strategy

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