Phantom Hellcat—Developer Insights #4



Did you notice Medusa on Jolene’s jacket? Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology and a heroine of ancient theater plays. She symbolizes female power and wrath—the characteristics which are also close to Jo. 

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Phantom Hellcat—Developer Insights #3

Blog / 2022-12-16

Hellcats! Take a moment to check out the scenography of Phantom Hellcat. We’ll show you some props that will accompany you in the game.

Phantom Hellcat—Developer Insights #2

Blog / 2022-12-09

Hellcats! Did you pay enough attention to Jolene to notice the badges on her jacket? You can take a closer look at them below.  The badges represent various elements of the young woman’s life and are reminders of the game being set in the 90s. The cassette and the skull…

Phantom Hellcat—Developer Insights #1

Blog / 2022-12-02

Today, we’re presenting an art piece with Jolene’s early look to you. You can see the final piece next to it and compare the two.

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