Ogloszenie o zwolaniu Nadzwyczajnego Walnego Zgromadzenia na dzień 12 kwietnia 2024 r.

Zarząd / 2024-03-20

Nadzwyczajne Walne Zgromadzenie – 12 kwietnia 2024 r. IBC_ogloszenie-NWZ-12.04.2024_signPobierz…

Ogloszenie o zwolaniu Zwyczajnego Walnego Zgromadzenia na dzień 5 lipca 2023 r.

Zarząd / 2023-06-15

Zwyczajne Walne Zgromadzenie – 5 lipca 2023r. 2023.06.07_IBC_ogloszenie-MSiG-ZWZ-2023Pobierz…

Phantom Hellcat—Developer Insights #4

Blog / 2023-01-06

Did you notice Medusa on Jolene’s jacket? Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology and a heroine of ancient theater plays.

Phantom Hellcat—Developer Insights #3

Blog / 2022-12-16

Hellcats! Take a moment to check out the scenography of Phantom Hellcat. We’ll show you some props that will accompany you in the game.

Why We Decided On the Third-Person Perspective

Blog / 2022-08-23

If you’re a gamer, you probably recognize the common perspectives in video games:  first-person (FPP) and third-person (TPP). Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages that influence the gameplay in various ways.

Why Is Phantom Hellcat Action-Adventure

Blog / 2022-08-23

We’re Ironbird Creations, the creators of the upcoming action-adventure game Phantom Hellcat. If you’re as excited about the project as we are, you must have lots of questions. Here, we want to satisfy your curiosity and let you take a peek behind the scenes of the development process—our path to making Phantom Hellcat the best action-adventure video game.

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